Advice to Start-Up Intellectual Property Businesses

Advice to Start-Up Intellectual Property Businesses

Dai will happily see a new business or inventor for a modest fee and give them some initial advice regarding the exploitation of their intellectual property rights, raising funds and the protection of those intellectual property rights. In any such meeting, Dai focuses his advice on the commercialisation of the invention and how to make money from the invention. It is invariably the case that a great deal of useful advice and strategy can be provided at an initial meeting which usually last between 90 minutes and two hours. Such advice at the outset of a project is invariably of great value to inventors and companies looking to maximise the value of their intellectual property rights and the practical exploitation of those rights.

The services Dai can offer include:

• Pragmatic advice regarding the true value of an invention;

• Advising on how to find and approach “angels” and other funders;

• Establishing the most cost effective means of protecting the invention;

• How to find investors and others to assist in the exploitation of inventions;

• Preparation and use of confidentiality agreements, licensing agreements and the like and when they may be needed in the exploitation process;

• Advice on the necessity for and finding cost effective insurance to protect against intellectual property theft and litigation; and

• Advice on how to approach and find accountants and other professionals who might assist in preparing a business plan.