Percy Crow Davis & Co is a law firm specialising in advising on the following areas of law:

Information Technology

We act for buyers and sellers of IT systems.  For buyers, we assist in the procurement of IT systems, typically in the range £50,000 to £50,000,000.  This includes not just the acquisition of hardware and software but also assisting buyers of cloud computing and other IT outsourcing solutions.

We act for a wide range of sellers, from providers of highly specialised IT software to web designers and a range of software developers.  Being based in the UK we have a bias towards acting for smaller UK software suppliers (indeed it is a truism that the UK doesn’t do “big IT”).   We provide a cost-effective service that larger firms, given their need to work in teams in order to be profitable, cannot match.

Intellectual Property

We assist owners of patents, trade marks, designs and copyright when they buy, sell or licence those rights.  We act for inventors in formulting and effecting an Intellectual Property strategy.  We assist investors in appraising the value of their investments from an IT perspective.  We also give advice to those needing to enforce Intellectual Property rights against a third party as well as those defending allegations of infringement.

Product Safety

We advise those concerned to make their products legally compliant with UK and EU safety legislation.  We have experience in advising on the super-specialist topic of CE Marking for over 20 years.  We also advise manufacturers and distributors on product recalls, including those for white goods, brown goods and foodstuffs.